Unique and distinctive brand assets were translated into recurring income from leading commercial brands.


“As discussed, attached is the paper we prepared for our U.S. office. You will see that the ideas we developed with yourself, are very much at the forefront of what we are proposing. So thank you again.”

Chief Marketing Officer


Non Government Organisation


Identifying brand assets that were specific to the client and valuable to potential partners allowed them to identify recurring income that could be accessed through attraction of leading commercial brands in the United States.


The fund raising market is highly competitive and the client’s primary objective was to to diversify revenue streams. The secondary objective was to raise revenue that was not tied to a single purpose, but could be used to produce a range of program outcomes.


An intensive workshop allowed the client to understand the attraction to potential partners of online capabilities that had been developed but under utilised by the client for another purpose. By articulating the benefits of these services, they were able to identify product augmentation opportunities that would not otherwise be available to potential partners.


Within 4 weeks of the workshop, the client was able to present the opportunity to commercialise their online forums to the U.S. partner. Negotiations are proceeding well.