Redirecting business focus & resources to the highest value opportunity. 

“The work produced by EQUIBT immediately highlighted that we had not understood the audience for this product and service. Their excellence was evident and we would happily recommend them.”

Marketing Director


Not For Profit Organisation


Reviewing an existing program highlighted the importance of robust planning and the impact of understanding market sizing, customer motivations and buying patterns have on effectively directing resources to the highest value opportunity.


The client’s market is highly competitive with downward price pressures. They were looking for opportunities to develop new sources of revenue. Initial revenue estimates were misleading once customer preferences and buying patterns were considered.


Market intelligence analysis identified that the opportunity was very small, was not repeatable and that the offer unattractive to the target audience. The offer was withdrawn and resources allocated to higher value activities.


The budget has been allocated to higher ROI activities and improved analytics applied to all business cases. Analytic tools developed by EQUIBT are now used to inform decisions.