Unblocking the path to growth through bespoke governance, commercial and project management

“Without EQUIBT's insights and technical knowledge we would not be where we are today. They were able to see through the smoke and mirrors and define a clear path to more efficient practices.”



Energy Utilities


Reviewing the bottleneck in IT tactical and strategic project delivery highlighted a need to develop company wide governance, commercial and IT project management skills.


Rapid and effective deployment of project outcomes was critical to national expansion plans. Management reporting indicated that projects were underway, however few benefits had been delivered in the last 12 months and the failure rate and rework was high for projects that had been deployed.


Contracts were reviewed and contracted hours reduced by 1/3rd, saving in excess of $15,000 per quarter. The IT Department was restructured, headcount reduced and a project governance model was introduced.  Engagement with the Help Desk was redesigned and project outcomes were assessed against cost, quality and time metrics.


The IT department became the ‘go to’ team for project delivery. Contracted IT support hours were reduced by 1/3rd, $15,000 per quarter. IT Headcount was reduced and satisfaction with  service delivery  rose.