Operational Review

We facilitate Operational Reviews to assess if our clients are delivering on the strategic intent and/or performing in the most effective and efficient manner.

Our Operational Reviews are design around 4 key areas:

  1. Customer
    Understand customers' perceptions & experience of the product/service offering

  2. Operational
    Determine the effectiveness of processes & technologies in delivering the customer proposition

  3. Structural
    Assess how well the structure & culture support the business processes and strategy

  4. Financial
    Review & benchmark effective use of profit and cost drivers

The resultant projects typically include one or more of the following program of activities:

  • Business or operational process redesign and implementation
    Correct quality issues and the effectiveness/efficiency of processes.

  • Cost reduction
    Drive cost reduction through competitive benchmarking, re-balancing resources and process efficiency

  • Structural changes
    Restructure the team, the department or across the business

  • Information management
    Improve management reporting, including information and process

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