Operational Strategy

We facilitate strategy planning process for operations to help our clients better define their goals and identify required resources & deliverables.

We help develop effective operational strategies that are:

  • Holistic
    Incorporates all aspects of Operations, and its relationship with the rest of the organisation

  • Focused
    Ensures that efforts are focused on progressing those activities with the most "bang for the buck"

  • Measurable
    Allows the identification, measurement, and capture of benefits accruing from implementation of the operational strategy

  • Directive
    Outline clearly the activities, roles, and responsibilities of all involved in the strategy

  • Motivational
    Builds high levels of commitment and momentum towards achieving the desired outcomes

Our approach is based on the A-B-C-D model of planning:


A - Where do we want to be? 
Our ends, outcomes, purposes, goals, holistic vision

B - How will we know when we get there?
The customers' needs and wants connected into a quantifiable feedback system

C - Where are we now?
Current state issues and problems

D -  How do we get there?
Close the gap from C to A 


We break larger strategic objectives into actionable and measurable projects. We can incorporate the balanced scorecard as part of the integrated strategy deployment and execution cycle - the ability to execute and measurement of benefits is considered every step of the way.

How can we help you?

To discuss how our team can help your business achieve true results, please contact us.