EQUIBT helps companies improve performance by solving a range of business problems, from the large and complex to the very small.

As a business improvement company we work with clients to identify key performance issues, select the most fitting approach and then implement sustainable improvements that deliver against strategic objectives.

The methods used range from simple problem solving techniques to rigorous Lean techniques and analytical Six Sigma methodologies. Our approach is tailored to suit the nature of the business, the complexity of the problem and the desired outcome for the clients.

Assessing Opportunities

To get the best from any improvement activity, we help our clients first to establish direction and goals, to build strong leadership for change, and identify potential barriers to implementation. Approach and methodologies are then tailored to the needs of the organisation, and project areas aligned with strategic objectives.

Our aim is to achieve sustainable improvement as cost-effectively as possible. Depending upon the outcomes of the initial assessments, our approach may involve improvement projects conducted directly by our consultants; delivery of knowledge transfer to empower the client's workforce; or a combination of both.

Delivering solutions

EQUIBT can work directly on our clients' most challenging and time-critical problems, taking charge of key issues and realising benefits as a priority.

Alternatively, we may identify and execute directly only those projects for clients which generate initial benefits and establish momentum. These successes form the basis for subsequent continuous improvements - either delivered directly by us, or by the workforce using a knowledge transfer approach.

Developing capability

By transferring knowledge directly to their workforce we help clients become self- sufficient in the continuous improvement activities necessary to achieve corporate goals. We teach selected individuals the skills required to solve business problems by applying relevant process improvement tools in their own organisations, thus achieving substantial, quantifiable savings in their training projects and potential for further savings in future projects. 

Sustaining Results

We provide the robust framework to keep improvement activity on track - mentoring internal leaders, monitoring agreed key performance measures, reviewing projects, coaching trainees, and tracking the benefits. Our rigorous governance reduces the cycle time for projects, increases return on investment and enables self-sufficiency to be achieved quickly.

How can we help you?

To discuss how our team can help your business achieve true results, please contact us.