Vital Signs™ Operational Excellence Evaluation

There is an expectation and requirement for businesses to move beyond strategy to strong, measurable delivery. We have helped many clients achieve this by using a number of methodologies, including Lean and Six Sigma, focusing on delivering actionable, sustainable change across their Vital Signs™.

Through the evaluation of the clients unique Vital Signs™, the activities required to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the marketing and brand are identified. Typically, the Vital Signs™ evaluation would include:

  • Campaign Process and Channel Management

  • Proposition and Segmentation

  • Consumer Insights

  • Brand Portfolio Management

Each activity identified through the Vital Signs™ will require a tailor-made solution to enable the design and deployment of systems and processes to be delivered. The result is faster, better outcomes with sustainable cost management. Typically, activities identified would include:

Market, brand and customer

  • Commercial strategies

  • Planning and plan execution quality

  • Brand portfolio and identity management and rebranding

  • Internal branding alignment with program operations

  • Team and supplier/agencies roles, responsibilities, outcomes 

Process and performance reporting

  • Project and initiative prioritisation

  • Marketing and brand asset management & automation tools

  • Definition and performance of the marketing function

  • Cross-functional working and supplier/agency contribution

  • Measuring performance and automation of reporting

  • Brand performance and establishing KPI’s

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