Change Management

We believe the success of any initiative is only as good as the success of the change efforts. 

We work with clients' front-line staff and leadership teams to manage & overcome the challenge of Change with several solutions: a change readiness assessment, coaching and training:

Change Readiness Assessment

EQUIBT's Change Readiness Assessment examines the change readiness of an organisation based on the critical success factors in 5 areas that result in effective change:

  1. Vision & Business Case

  2. Engagement

  3. Leadership

  4. Implementation

  5. Sustainability

The net result of the Change Readiness Assessment is a fluid transition into the launch of programs or initiatives. The assessment includes a report that articulates you what need to do (or not do), and feedback on whether the scope of change is realistic and pragmatic. Our experienced advisors will cover the findings with your leadership team in a two-way, interactive workshop. 

Change Management Coaching

We assign an expert coach in Change Management to work directly with our clients to provide individualised guidance to team members:

  • Change Leadership
    What do change leaders need to know about themselves and others to be effective?

  • Tools & Techniques
    Which tools and techniques are available to facilitate the change process and how can they be intelligently applied?

  • Stakeholder Strategies
    Which people are likely to move the change along in a positive direction, and which people are likely to resist or create barriers?

  • Influencing Skills
    How can we leverage those who are ready for change and influence those who are resistant?

Change Facilitation Training

We have different levels of change facilitation training based on the LETS® change facilitation methodology to develop change leaders to lead and implement change at all levels in their organisations.

The courses provide the knowledge, tools, skills and practice needed to create widespread commitment while managing the details of change initiatives. The training programs are conducted in a workshop environment, and have an experiential and tool-application focus.

How can we help you?

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