Performance Metrics

We facilitate workshops with clients to develop successful Metrics programs that align the business objectives with the quality and process performance objectives. Metrics and KPI measurements are essential for an organisation to gain insight into its performance.

Our Performance Metrics programs include collection of data, analysis & interpretation, decision making and using data to measure progress. 

We have helped many clients define and implement performance metrics. Some of the key features of our Performance Metrics consulting include:

  • "Big Y" Business Goals driven measurement framework approach

  • Quantification of improvement and benefits

  • Meets model best practices from CMMI® and ITIL®, and helps measure maturity

  • Leverages existing data sources and repositories

  • Relevant and pragmatic

We utilise a 3-phase approach to create and deploy a performance based metrics management system:

  1. Establish Goals
    Define objectives and develop scope of the Balanced Scorecard

  2. Establish Indicators
    Agree metrics and establish data collection strategy & plan

  3. Implement Metrics
    Pilot the metrics, rollout with training and refine the metrics model (if required)

Appropriate performance dashboards are created based on the metrics, which provide the RAG (Red/Amber/Green) status for projects. The performance dashboards fulfil Management’s need for information and visibility, with adequate drill-down.


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