Rapid Improvement Event

We facilitate a Rapid Improvement Event to help organisations make quick improvements in target areas.

EQUIBT’S Rapid Improvement Event training is a continuous improvement methodology that follows the PDCA cycle (Plan, Do, Check, Act), in a Lean Boot Camp event format. 

The Lean Boot Camp will give your leaders and staff the opportunity to begin solving problems immediately, while they are also learning the necessary concepts and tools. 

The Lean Boot Camp is conducted over 3 to 5-days and is based on the Agile framework. Participants receive training on the relevant Lean tools, the Kaizen workshop process, Agile Scrum framework which in turn will be applied immediately on a project related to the workplace.


The Lean Boot Camp typically improve the work area through:

  • Problem Solving

  • Standardisation

  • 5S

  • Visual Management

  • Mistake Proofing

  • Load Balance

  • Cell/Layout Design

  • In-station Quality

  • Quick Changeover Applications

  • Agile Scrum


How can we help you?

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