EQUIBT is a boutique business consulting firm that started in 2009, with the objective of helping companies to achieve their full potential.


Things you should know about us.


  1. How to pronounce EQUIBT? Same as EQUIPPED, we are equipped to help our clients achieving their full potential.

  2. EQUIBT was born out of a calling to help our clients to achieve effectiveness, quality, productivity and profit. We combined that calling with our enthusiasm to working with great people and created a company.

  3. We don't try to consult on anything and everything, we only focus on what we are good at. We specialise in removing the blockages to growth and driving EBIT.

  4. We implement growth, simplification and transformation programs from brand through to operations and frequently apply Lean & Agile principles.

  5. We're in it to deliver it. We are not a "body shop" and we don't outsource our talent. All of our team members are employed for long-term, and each one adds their own spice to the EQUIBT brand.

  6. Referrals demonstrate our value. Since we were founded, we've grown on WOMBAT alone. Word Of Mouth, Buy And Tell referrals.

  7. Why the name EQUIBT? Well, it is a made-up word, it is originated from the idea of Equipping Businesses for Success. That’s what we do - it’s that simple. (Ok, Ok... the domain name was also available too.)